Can Amazon Reinvent the Shopping Experience?


Recently, the owner of Amazon Jeff Bezos has been announced as the number one rich person of the world. However, it was only for a few days. But it is true that Amazon is making more money with their business. They have grown their sales 11.7 percent in the recent year. And most of the sales have come from their e-commerce store which is impressive.

The reason behind it is, maintaining the smart way of shopping. They have taken some significant steps to change the customer experience with their shopping. Amazon is now reinventing the shopping experience based on the user behavior and stats of customer data.

Some New Innovations From Them

Amazon’s primary goal is to increase their presence in the industry, and they are working hard for it. Already, they have applied some new ways for the improvement in the business. Amazon locker which is a new feature is offering suitable places for people to pick up Amazon packages. Also, they have turned to the old-fashion style of books. Now, they are selling paper books in their stores with the Amazon books feature.

Another thing, amazon go allows people shop their daily groceries to different stores where you don’t need to wait at the counter to pay your bill. You can exit from the store without paying the bill at the cash counter, instead of it, they have introduced the new technology which allows the customer to pay without any hassle.

New Shopping Experience

No more waiting time to get your product in your hand. In some cities like Phoenix, the customer will get the product in hand in the same afternoon. That means you can forget about the traditional e-commerce shipment way. It is like local stores where you just buy a product by paying instantly. No matter if you are living in a place where Amazon doesn’t have a warehouse with their products.

They ensure the faster delivery. In the recent year, the usage of drone for delivering product has increased dramatically. Amazon is the first e-commerce site which has introduced drone delivery. This helps to save time and avoid the hassle of a delivery man.

Amazon Is Dominating The Market

For some small accessories, like bicycle and a little buggy, you will hardly find a local store nearby you. Most of the local stores have closed because Amazon is selling them like a pro. Also, people don’t want to waste their time for such a small thing. Amazon is using this chance to dominate the market.

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