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How to Use Mr. Coffee

If you want to make a barista like coffee at your home, then you should use a coffee maker machine. There are different brands of coffee makers available in the market. Some of them are easy to use, a…


How To Create Your Personal Glamour Station

Want to look glamorous without breaking the bank? You don’t need to step into a high-end salon to create a look that you love. There are steps you can take at home that is easy and practical for getti…


How To Use Coconut Oil For Hair

When I was young, like any good girl I used to listen to what my mom had to say about regular skin and hair care. But over the time I have forgotten the many benefits of her advice. Come winters she w…


7 Stylish Ways to Use Your Scarf

Whoever said that scarves are for winters, must not have tried the various creative uses of a scarf? A vintage scarf doesn’t look good just around your neck but can work wonders in places, you could n…


How to Get Soft Hands and Feet During Winters?

Weather plays an important role when it comes to the effect on hands and feet. No one wants to have dry hands and charred feet. Winters have a huge impact on the skin as it becomes dry due to insuffic…


Choosing Nail Color with Your Fashion Outfit

Nail polish and a fashionable outfit is a marriage between two equals. Nail polish is often thought of as a supporting player to a chic outfit. This is a mistaken notion. Nail polish can either make a…


8 Steps To Apply Eye Make Up

Be it for the office, an evening party, a get-together, or simply a casual outing; which girl does not want beautiful eyes all the time? It is aptly said that eyes speak up for a person’s character. A…