5 Benefits of Buying or Building a Beachfront Property

Beachfront Property

Owning a home facing the beach is any home buyers dream, which is why waterfront homes are always in high demand and draw a premium price irrespective of market conditions.

Indeed, living in a custom-made house with a water view is an experience that beats everything else in exclusivity. If you’re planning to buy or build a new home, here are five good reasons why you should explore waterfront locations before making a decision.

Greater return on investment

Ask any real estate expert and they will vouch for the handsome ROI that waterfront properties bring for their owners. Whether it’s a vacation home for rental or for your own use, your beach-facing home will have a much higher market value than similar homes inland.

Moreover, waterfront homes are generally unaffected by volatile market conditions, therefore ensuring that the value of your house will not dip drastically even when the local real estate market is down.

A healing, enriching and calming environment

The benefits of living close to water are all but well known to most of us. But did you know that living in a home with a water view is exceptionally good for children? It gives them a unique natural setting that enhances their cognitive and physical growth.

Research shows that spending time close to water has proven psychological and spiritual benefits for adults and children alike. For couples, a beachfront home provides an enviable romantic ambience and a lovely private landscape that’s impossible to find in cities.

Higher long-term and vacation rental income

A premium beach home painstakingly created from scratch will inevitably fetch you higher rentals compared to cookie-cutter homes with no character.

Moreover, homes with a water view tend to interest vacationers more than any other type of property. If your main objective of investing in real estate is earn a steady rental income, choosing a waterfront location will bring you greater returns for a lifetime.

The added perk is that you’ll have a splendid personal retreat at your disposal whenever you need to get away from everyday life.

Greater physical wellbeing

The benefits of beach living are not just limited to emotional and psychological wellness; living near water has been shown to improve immunity, blood circulation and general wellbeing, making an individual feel healthier at all levels. Perhaps this respite for the mind, body and soul explains why millions of vacationers flock to the beaches every year.

If you’re keen to build a custom-designed luxurious beachfront home close to the Perth CBD, check out this post for a wide range of options curated for discerning home buyers.

Higher resale value

Should you ever want to sell your water-view house, you’ll be able to make a neat profit on the sale. This is simply because any location can only have a limited number of ocean-facing homes. With demand for such exclusive properties far exceeding supply, you can be sure you’ll find a qualified buyer willing to pay your asking price, provided the property has been maintained well and doesn’t require extensive repairs.

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