Is Beer Bad For Dogs?


People give different types of food to their dogs. Some of them are as usual, and some of them are not familiar with a dog food. You can give any food to your dog until there are no health issues and your dog loves them. As a dog expert, I have heard different questions from people. One of the common questions is “Is beer bad for dogs.” Well, many people try to give beer to their dogs because of only curiosity. Also, some dogs love to drink beer. But, have you ever thought about the health issues and the damages that can be occurred because of beer? Here I am going to discuss in detail about this topic. Hope you will never ask about this after reading the whole article.

It Affects the Dog Immediately

First of all, let me clear one thing. Before you are asking the question about beer for your dogs, do you know how beer can affect your dog? A small amount of beer can be life threatening for dogs and cats. There are no health benefits of beer to a dog. Though human can easily drink beer, and there are some small signs of alcohol we find in them, but when your dog drinks alcohol, you will find the signs within the first 30 minutes. It affects the nervous system and makes the dog depressed.

What Happen to A Dog After Drinking Beer?

Assume the weight of your dog or identify what the weight of your dog is. Suppose your dog is 20 pound and it drinks one beer in 5 minutes. This is similar as a man with 200 pounds is drinking 10 beers in 5 minutes. So, just think about the situation, what is going to happen with a human. The same thing will happen with your dog. Beer can damage the liver of your beloved dog within a month. In the first few days, you will notice that it is not eating regular foods and behaving like someone unknown. Also, beer dehydrates the dog. There are several toxins in beer which spoil the total immune system of the dog. It makes the blood acidic and causes cardiac arrest.

What to Do?

Never give a small drop of beer to your dog if you like it. There are so many delicious foods available for dogs. If you really love your pet, buy those foods and give a treat to it.

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