What Transport Do I Choose To Get The Best Vilnius Airport Transfer Experience?

Best Vilnius Airport Transfer Experience

Planning to take a trip to Vilnius over the weekend to get some good old-fashioned architectural sightseeing done? You probably want to pop in Kaunas too and get a full helping of what the city has to offer regarding tourist sites, maybe even travel directly from Vilnius Airport to Kaunas as soon as you land.

That’s all well and good, but how do you plan to get to Kaunas from Vilnius? In fact, what is the best form of transportation to use as your primary Vilnius Airport Transfer?

Standard airport taxis

Walk outside, and you’d probably find a cab that’d be empty and ready to take you to Kaunas from Vilnius Airport in a matter of just ten minutes. Sounds pretty convenient. Almost makes you believe that airport cabs are just the way to go. Well, that’s only if you ignore the little quality of service or a complete lack thereof in most cases.

Not to mention that you’re not always guaranteed to get a cab when you step out of the airport; you might get lucky and find a cab almost immediately, or you might be extremely unlucky and be waiting around for an hour before a cab shows up at the airport. Not a stable model, is it?

Public transport

Public transport can be a great way to get around the city of Vilnius and even reach Kaunas. You have the option of taking a train that runs through the city or even hopping between several buses, and the fare is quite cheap.

It’s a pity that this form of transport isn’t a good option either because of how hard it can be to move around with a ton of luggage in your hands. Not to mention the fact that you might very easily get lost if you’re not vigilant on your ride. Our advice? Not worth the risk.

The best solution

There is no better option than hiring a private car service (https://www.vnotransfer.com/) to pick you up from Vilnius airport when you arrive. Period. It is hands down the most convenient way of getting around; step out of the airport, and you’ll have a car with a capable driver/guide waiting for you, GUARANTEED.

Not to mention the stellar quality of service and flexibility in packages a private car service can offer you. Truly, there is no better way to get around Vilnius than a private car service.

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