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Donations are an awesome approach to compensate somebody for their work. I know many individuals who depend upon their generous blog followers and readers as the best approach to pay the upkeep expenses of running their WordPress published website.

At that point, there are individuals from non-benefit associations who depend upon fundraising using the donation plugins.

WordPress donation plugin is a state of the art donor box which can be setup very simply and easily. This plugin can easily attract a number of donors to your WordPress published website.

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Donorbox isn’t just a WordPress donation module. Truly, it incorporates with WordPress great, yet numerous other web designers and CMSs can utilize Donorbox too.

The advantage behind Donorbox is that it implants onto your site in mere seconds, at that point it shows a delightful recurring donations system. The procedure takes not more than 15 minutes, and it’s altogether based on those recurring donations. Some of the features of the plugin includes the following.

  • Ach Bank Donations
  • Custom Form Builder
  • Seamless corporate matching
  • Customizable Donorbox receipt

As we move forward in the article, we will be discussing some of the features in detail.

Customized Branding 

The donorbox plugin allows you to easily customize your donation page in accordance with the design, style, color scheme, branding and logo of your organization.

This helps in establishing a footprint for the company and creates a positive brand image among the audience.

Flexibility of Currencies

The donorbox plugin allows the WordPress website owner to accept donations in many different currencies. These currencies include US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Great Britain Pounds, Australian Dollars, Euro, and many other different currencies.

Customizable and powerful form builder

The donorbox allows the WordPress website owner to build customized forms. These forms can collect information pertaining to donors.

This information includes address, employment information, and many different custom questions can be added based on the level of information required.

Donor Data

The plugin is designed to not save the data pertaining to donors’ credit card or bank information. Other donor data as taken via form is saved and can be exported in CSV format. The data can also be exported on different mail services such as Salesforce, NPSP and MailChimp.

All these features make sure that the data is completely safe and the relationship between the donors and the WordPress website is long lasting. It is made secure using TLS or SSL certificates.

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