How Our Brains Manipulate Us To Eat Irrationally


The brain works is some of the most mysterious and confusing ways known to man and unknown as well. Each mindset is different from the other and thus, behaves in different ways as well. Where the brain is supposed to think rationally, we tend to go for irrational. We are constantly bombarded with urges to make unhealthy choices. Ever see a pizza fresh out of the oven and not think about sinking your teeth in? Or do you find a warm chocolate lava cake and ice-cream not satisfying?

Here is how your brain works

Brains are wired to do it

Where our methods of dining have evolved over the past few years, our connection and relationship with food has not. There was a time when there was a need for high-fat and sugary foods as it was considered essential for survival. Originating from those frames, we are wired to enjoy from the irrational choice of food simply because we love it.

When we are faced with something that makes us happy, our brain releases dopamine which is a powerful neurotransmitter that makes us feel accomplished. That positive association further enhances our urges to go for it again and the irrational cycle continues

Dopamine is at play here. For everything that makes us happy, even if it’s as little as opening our phone to check our social media, our brain releases dopamine.

The drive of wanting everything and wanting it now

Instant rewards and instant happiness. We want it. We want instant gratification. We can either spend an hour and make a healthy meal for ourselves or we can go to a fast-food place and get our food instantly. It’s safe to assume that many people would opt for the latter. The irrational choice. Why? Because we are getting what we want in an instant. We all do it and only through mindful practices can we help ourselves.

Sudden shifts

As sudden as it is, the feeling of accomplishment vanishes suddenly as well. A very short lived and temporary feeling that makes you like you’re on top of the world vanishes to leave you in a jiffy and everything becomes almost invisible. Where this might seem like something not big, it connects to other feelings as well such as motivation and sadness. Temptation drives us and leaves in nothing but despair after some time.

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