How to Choose the Right Sunglasses for your Sports


For many of us, sunglasses have become a fashion statement rather than an actual necessity. However, in sports choosing the right sunglasses is quite important. It will help you protect your eyes while enhancing your performance as well.

We have listed down different types of sunglasses and their utility in various sports to help you select a suitable one.

  • Protection from UV

    UVB rays are quite harmful for retina and can potentially cause permanent damage to it. Skin cancer and irritation are some of the common diseases associated with it. Quality sunglasses will have a thin coated layer that prevents UV rays from entering into the eyes. If you swim, play volleyball, trek, fish, jet-ski or do similar sports then protection from UV should be your prime concern. Be sure to read the manufacturers description about the sunglasses so you purchase the one that best suits to your particular requirements.

  • Visual Glare

    Sports played directly under the sun such as beach volleyball can directly affect the eyes. A glare comes up which inhibit your visual clarity and limits your performance in the field. Therefore if you play sports in which glare comes up mostly then buying that sort of sunglasses should be your top priority.

  • Polarized Lenses

    Polarized glasses are quite effective in preventing glare from the sun. A coating is done in between two lenses that doesn’t allow your vision to get blurred in sunlight. Hikers are quite fond of these glasses as they help view the object much sharper and clearer. Cyclists, runners, sailors and other sports enthusiasts are quite fond of these sunglass type.

  • Photo Chromic Lenses

    There lenses change color according to the surrounding light conditions. This category is becoming quite popular as it serves as a perfect fashion statement for sportsmen. Many manufacturers are entering into this category manufacturing them in plastic, polycarbonate and glass.

  • Wraparound Sunglasses

    If you are into extreme sports and love to do thrilling challenges then wraparound sunglasses should be your priority. These glasses offer extra protection as they wrap around the face and stay firm on it during the heaving workouts. The semi-plastic combo is perfectly designed to cater to this need.

Glasses lenses are quite colorful and are available in a wide variety. It’s important that you choose the one that suits best to your color complexion and face features. Don’t be shy to try different glasses before purchasing the right one.

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