How to Choose Swim Goggles


If you are an amateur or beginner, choosing a swim goggle can be an intimidating experience. With so many brands and types of goggles available in the market, a person can get confused easily. Don’t worry as we will provide you with few quick tips to help you choose the right swim goggles and enter the pool with swag.

Before choosing a swim goggle, be sure to perform these three quick tests to test the durability, comfort, and quality of your goggles. Be sure to try the swim goggles yourself to avoid any issues later.

  • Lenses Comfort

    Once you wear the goggles, push the lenses against your eye socket while keeping the straps off. If you feel slight discomfort or pain in your eyes, it’s probably good to avoid the goggles altogether. Lenses that are padded with silicon or rubber should be preferred as they are more comfortable. Nose bridge may also hurt if the goggles aren’t your size so be sure to check that as well. Remember you will be wearing the swim goggles for 1-2 hours so take your time to check its comfort level.

  • Leakage Issues :

    Without strapping off the goggles, push them more against your eye sockets. The swim goggles have a suction phenomenon and tend to stick to your face. If they aren’t sticking to your face then the chances of leakage are quite high. Your goggles won’t be the right fit and would simply let the water flow in blurring out your view.

  • Straps Check

    Once the goggles pass the above tests, place the straps on and check the comfort level. Check if the swim goggles aren’t too tightly fastened. If they suck too much on your eye sockets, they will probably hurt during the swim as well.

  • Additional Checks

    After ensuring that your swim goggles pass all the above tests with flying scores, it’s time to look into some additional features. Straps of the goggles should be easily adjustable because if they aren’t, you’ll lose your temper quite easily. The color of the lenses matter according to the lighting condition of your pool. The pool which is brightly lit or open, swimmers should use dark swim goggles. Light lenses are preferred for indoor pools with medium lighting conditions.

Some goggles have an anti-fog coating on them which can be quite handy. You won’t have to defog them often. Swim goggles are mostly personal preference, therefore, choose the one that suits best to your needs.

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