How to Clean Athletic Shoes

Athletic Shoes

Are you an athletic person that loves the outdoors? Or are you a sportsman that certainly has a passion for his or her game? Well if you work out regularly, you will understand the importance of keeping your shoes clean. Most leather and fabric shoes can be easily washed in a washer however it’s important to see if the manufacturer hasn’t placed any warning against it.

Following these basic steps will help you clean your athletic shoes properly.

  • Unlacing the Shoes

    Laces are undoubtedly the dirtiest part of any shoes. Therefore it’s important to remove them along with any other inserts as well. You can wash the laces by tossing with the unwashed laundry however as they are inexpensive it’s always better to replace them. As for the different insoles, wipe them off firstly. Now clean them using a baking soda solution as it will absorb the odor and moisture from it.

  • Cleaning the Outer Shoe

    Most athletic shoes can easily endure being washed in a washer. You’ll need warm water with heavy detergent for maximum results. A lot of people recommend washing the shoes with a dishwasher detergent. It’s quite harmful for your shoes as the chemicals in the detergent will have adverse effects on the leather. Shrinkage and melting of shoes is also a common problem that arises if you wash it with a dishwasher detergent.

In case your shoes are highly priced and you want to take extra care during the washing. Simply use hand washing technique to clean them. You’ll need a gentle brush along with a mild detergent liquid to thoroughly clean out the dust particles stuck on the outside of the shoe.

  • Drying of Shoes

    Never place your athletic shoes in high heater clothes dryer. Your shoes will lose their texture and shape quickly. Instead you should place them at a ventilated spot of your house and allow it to dry up on its own. Placing white paper inside the shoes is a nice add-on that helps it retain its original shape. The newspaper should be avoided for this purpose as they leave ink marks inside the shoes. Remember that if you dry the shoes too quickly, they might crack. Therefore allow them to dry at their own pace beneath a circulating fan.

If you follow these simple steps while washing your shoes, you will increase the lifespan of them considerably.

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