Fundamental Techniques Of Couple Counselling

Couple Counselling

Modern society demands more and differently than it did from people 50 years ago. The widespread presence of social media intertwined with our lives along with work and social responsibilities has made us into monotonous organisms going through the motion.

This often leads to unnecessary barriers between friends and partners. Focusing on the latter, overcoming differences often become messy. Here, let us look into several methods and acquaint ourselves with techniques that professionals use to sort this out!

1)    Narrative therapy

This methodology states that to heal and become better partners, we must first differentiate between who we essentially are and what the problem essentially is. The basic idea is to distance you from the issue and see how it may be affecting the person, be it in a good way or a bad way. For couples, this encourages them to look at a situation from a different perspective.

2)    Gottman method

The Gottman method is perhaps the most scientifically advanced method there is to couple counselling. It has been applied for the past three decades and is often cited by many psychological journals for its positive result. The crux of this method is to promote and inculcate positive feelings between the couple and to increase communication, via the use of nine basic principles. This method directly tackles the idea of ‘hvad betyder samhørighed’ and promotes the idea of cohesion between couples by having a more receptive approach of the others’ feeling.

3)    Imago relationship therapy

This technique helps the couple find common ground between them by resolving current conflicts, working through the misunderstandings and reestablishing the bond. The central idea of this is to understand how our childhood has moulded us into who we are today and using that as a tool to get the desired outcome.

4)    Behaviour modification method

This technique promotes the idea that to heal; one must be willing to change their behaviour actively. This promotes the idea of harmony and cohesion. Hvad betyder samhørighed, people, ask. Psychologists point fingers towards this method, which essentially allows people to modify and change their behaviour, staying true to their morals, and make them more compatible with the relationship they want to work on. This method also states that throughout its duration, any form of stress or problem that is prevalent is put on full hold to ensure proper and unaltered recovery.

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