How To Create Your Personal Glamour Station


Want to look glamorous without breaking the bank? You don’t need to step into a high-end salon to create a look that you love. There are steps you can take at home that is easy and practical for getting ready for that night on the town or special occasion. Check out these practical tips to set up your glamour station at home.

Designate a space in your home that is dedicated to your makeup and hair.

Having a separate space in your bathroom or elsewhere will help to establish a beauty routine you can do every day. Without a designated space, you may have to hunt around for your beauty essentials. Instead, keeping your face products and hair tools in one space is a convenient way to have a permanent go-to station for your beauty needs.

Make certain lighting is optimal

When there isn’t enough light directed to your face, it is difficult to know how a certain foundation blends in your skin or an eyeshade works with your outfit. The right lighting makes a difference on how much or little makeup you use to create your look. Make sure that you buy the right bulbs for your space and remember that having multiple lights on the side and overhead is the best for makeup application. Recessed down lighting is the worst and often highlights wrinkles and creates variations on the way your pigment appears.

Discard any makeup that you don’t use or is too old.

We often think about spring cleaning our homes, but do we think about sorting through our makeup and throwing away that old nail polish, lipstick or eyeshadow? This is an exercise that is worth doing because old makeup doesn’t result in the look that you intended. The color may appear uneven and even chalky, crumbling as you apply it to your face. If your foundation is over 6 months old, it should head to the garbage can. Also, if your mascara is more than 3 months old, time to discard that too. If there is makeup that you aren’t using, either donate it or throw it away to make room for the products you do enjoy.

Group together like products and colors to stay organized

Do you keep lipsticks and blushes in one bag, while stashing mascara and eyeshadow in another? This is probably not the most effective way to access your makeup when you need it the most. Organizing lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, mascara and nail polish in separate compartments is an ideal way to keep organized and also see what colors are available for your use. Staying organized may make a difference in your look! Put everything out in the open so that you can see what you need, use dividers to keep all makeup apart and try a hanging organizer to slip different products in separate pouches.

Create extra storage space

Sometimes storage or a vanity isn’t an option because of limited space. You have tons of makeup and it all gets pooled together, what do you do? Place your products in either a shallow dresser drawer or a makeup storage bag that can hang in your closet.

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