5 Myths Related To Customer Service

Customer Service

A person starts his business with many hopes and dreams. He does thorough research on what is new in the market and what is missing. He understands his competitors and his target audience. Whatever the business is, it cannot do well unless a person masters the skill of marketing and communication. And marketing is all about the customers.

Every company proudly declares itself as a company which exists completely for its customers. It works for its customers, innovates for them, and is readily available for service for them. But are they 100% sure that they understand their customers completely?

Do they really understand their desires and their expectations from the companies? Do companies understand why some customers prefer a particular company and not them, no matter how hard they try? I don’t think so. If they could, no company would ever fail.

Most companies confuse their own perspective with their customer’s point of views. A company who has failed a couple of attempts to impress its customers is either targeting the wrong type of market or does not understand their customer’s actual needs.

Here are some of the customer-related myths which most companies believe in:

Myth 1: Customers are happy if there are no complaints:

Reality: No response from the customers is almost equivalent to a bad response. You should not feel proud of your product or service if there is silence on the other side of the road. Most of the people do not even bother to complain about a bad product or an unsatisfactory service.

They find it easy to switch to some other company instead of getting into the hassle of complaints; they look at it as a waste of time. Although the online review system has made the system of feedback quite easy but if you still find silence at the other end, you should know that you need to correct something. A customer coming back for more or getting new customers for you is a sign of his content and satisfaction.

Myth 2: Customer is always right.

Reality: Customers are usually right, they are not always right. Customers can tell you their wants and specifications, but it is you who has to design it technically. Every customer has a different point of view which cannot be compared.

So it is ethically incorrect to disappoint one customer to make another one happy. It is you who has to analyze the product and its demand and make changes accordingly. With good marketing and communication skills, you can mold the opinion of the customers according to your perspective. In the end, marketing and quality always take your product ahead.

Myth 3: Customer goes for the looks:

Reality: It is true that an attractive product grabs the attention of the customer, but it is only temporary. What truly holds the customer is its quality as a whole. From packaging to the product, and its service-everything should be perfect; this is the secret of attracting the customers and maintaining them.

Instead of just focusing on the colors and attractions of the product, choose and hire a packaging company which is efficient and assures a great quality. A customer gets truly impressed by the quality, latest technology, and your service.

Myth 4: Customers look out for the lowest price.

Reality: This is the biggest myth that a customer prefers to buy a product which has the lowest price. Of course, a low priced product gives a certain appeal to the customers, but it is one of the benefits of a great product, not the only benefit. A customer looks for a whole package. Buying a cheap product can seem like a waste of money if a slightly high priced product is more durable and reliable.

They are ready to buy an expensive product if they get a great after- service option along with it. For example, if a person has to choose between a laptop which is very cheap, but has no guarantee or after-sales services, the customer will not see any benefit from it. He will prefer to buy a laptop which has the latest technology and provides an amazing service.

Myth 5: They Fall only for Marketing and advertising.

Reality: I agree that marketing and advertisements have a lot to do with attracting a lot of customer’s attention, but they also raise the hopes of those potential customers. Their level of disappointment is also very deep when they find out that their expectations do not match up with reality.

This feels like a promise is being broken. So it is important to be realistic and honest while posting any advertisements or while promoting your product in order to be loyal to your customers.

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