5 Facts About Gold Jewelry You Didn't Know

Facts About Gold Jewelry

We all know a lot when it comes to the part of gold jewelry. We know the designer of the gold jewelry, its name, its components and the like. You are probably acquainted with the typical gold marks of 14K, 18K, etc., but do you know gold jewelry it can also be noticeable by gold percentage?

Here are the five gold facts you could not know about Gold Jewelry:

  1. Jewelry has a Purpose

Women use gold jewelry for many factors, but the main purpose was to guard them against any aggressive forces. It is considered that certain gold jewelry pieces can assist in avoiding evil spirits from getting over someone else’s body in a form, for example, an illness issue or curse disease.

Even nowadays, we use some gold jewelry that should carry us all the best or prevent us from harm like the tiger’s eye, rabbit’s feet, and teardrop amazingly.

  1. Gold is Not Just an Indication of Wealth

To us nowadays, gold only indicates a very important factor and this is prosperity. The Women, however, have a different significance for using gold in their gold jewelry pieces. Gold is a reflection of the fire and the glory of the sun and the most essential of all, the everlasting feeling of being.

  1. Most Gold Goes Bling

No doubt, over half the gold excavated yearly is used for jewelry. Some resources claim around 60% of the gold mines yearly is turned into jewelry; other resources claim that the ratio is much bigger, illustrating nearer to 80%, even.

The truth is that yearly much more gold is used to make jewelry, necklaces, earrings, and pendants that are used in computer circuits, the medical industry and as support for national sovereign wealth funds.

  1. Gold Is Incredibly Malleable

There is a valid reason why so much complex, finely crafted jewelry is made out of gold: it is incredibly flexible and resilient. Gold is the most flexible of the normally sourced metals!

You can extend the single ounce of gold into a cable almost 50 miles long! However, that the thickness of that wire would be only five microns, in case you were thinking.

  1. Jewelry Symptoms Are Not Just For Design

We always see gold jewelry pieces with spectacular symbols but are not sure why the symbol is there. Egyptian gold jewelry pieces use symbols to signify the religious beliefs. The symbols often used are animals, wonderful signs, and gods.

They also considered that by wearing something that has a symbol to display the Gods could safeguard them from the entire evil spirits.

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