How to Help a Cat With a Cold


The cat is one of the most common pets in the world. Anyone love them because of the cuteness of it. But they are highly sensitive to the weather. If you want to keep your cat secure from the illness, you need to take care of it regularly. Coldness is a common problem for the cats. If your cat is suffering from coldness, no need to be worried at all.There are some home remedies which you can apply to cure your cat.

1. Place the Cat in a Steam Room

If possible, make an arrangement of steam in a room and put your cat there for an hour. This will help the cat to feel comfortable and warm. It will remove the congestion of your cat’s nasal. As like human, breathing in the steam clear the nasal and give comfort to the cat. Also, it makes the cat relax and warm to fight against the cold. You can easily manage a steam room by opening the hot shower. When you keep open the shower for a while, the bathroom will be full of steam. Bring your cat there.

2. Give Vitamin C to the Cat

In coldness, vitamin C is the best medicine that your cat should take. You can use the typical vitamin C tablets. It will fight against the bacterial and viral colds. To make the tablets ready for the cat, you need to crush those tablets at first. Now add a little bit of warm water with the crushed tablets and give the drink to the cat two times a day.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a common home remedy for the cold. This liquid is useful for any pet. When you give it to your cat, the vinegar will help them to alkalize their PH levels. However, you shouldn’t give the vinegar directly to your cat. Mix the vinegar with some water, or mix it with food and then give it to your cat.

4. Keep the Cat Warm

No matter what kind of foods are you giving to your cats if it doesn’t feel warm and comfortable. When your cat is suffering from coldness, make sure that you are giving importance on the bed of it. Give some extra warm clothes to cover the cat. You can also use a heating pad in the blanket to warm your cat. Continue the process until it gets rid of the cold.

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