5 World's Most Beautiful and Highest Paid Models

Highest Paid Models

Fashion market has shown and will be growing market around the world especially since last few years it has become the most known showbiz field, to begin with, the career in a good manner.

Modeling can be described as the secret portion of fashion because the designers hire premier models, which are beautiful, and attractive ones in the world. Fashion market and modeling together complete the cycle to meet the growing fashions, ideas and innovative creations around the world.

More the model is popular, beautiful and stunning; more she will be paid, and she will enjoy the magnificent way of life according to her rank and popularity in the world.

1. Kate Upton

The United States model and celebrity Kate Upton has obtained popularity for her performances in all around the world, regarded as one of the most successful models in her career.
She has gained the top rank as one of the top-earning models completing $7 million, known as one of most popular and highest-paid model in the world. This most famous United States elegant and hottest model is not limited to America only but also the model of Fashion of different countries like France, Britain, Italy and Germany.

2. Kate Moss

Kate Moss obtained popularity with strong heroine elegant fashion trend. This waifish figure English model is very popular and highly paid model of the world.
Kate has appeared the performance of modeling in many famous brands for the campaign like Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, and Calvin Klein took a position among thehighest-paid models in the world for yearly earnings of $7 million approximately. The 14-year-old Kate started her modeling appeared as one of the popular models around the world just after few years.

3. Adriana Lima

The Brazilian celebrity and model Adriana Lima are best known since the late 2000s; take a position among the models around the world. The world’s highest paid model has complete yearly earning nearly $8 million; the super-hot woman has marked various commercial ads, the marketing campaign for popular brands.
Lima has the lot of work as Victoria’s Secret Angel and made several performances globally reveals as model and representative as well, regarded as one of best performer of the brand and highly paid by the Victoria.

4. Doutzen Kroes

The Dutch model and celebrity Doutzen Kroes is another highest-paid model in the world for collecting $8 million yearly. Dazzling elegance and beauty have become the face of Time, Marie Claire and Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue while she is a regular model for Victoria’s Secret collection for its advertisement and strategies since 2005.

5. Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen is the amazing woman who ranked first in the list of highest paid celebrity in the world; she has several awards in modeling, acting, and as producer or fashion symbol all around the world.
The A good reputation Ambassador for the United Countries Environment Program Gisele Bundchen is one of the powerful and wealthiest women around the world having complete earning of $47 million yearly. The 34-year-old super-hot model became the cover model for various premier brands and showed off her beautifully shaped figure for many of campaigns and commercial ads.

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