How to be Good at Bowling


Bowling is an exciting game if you know how to play it correctly. There are different rules in bowling which you can follow to be good at bowling. Some of them need only a few days of practice, and some of them required a long time. Like any other game, the success in bowling depends on your strategy and practices. Many people who are new to bowling don’t know how to hold the ball accurately and how to spin the ball to get a perfect shot. But with a few simple tricks, you can improve your performance instantly.

Let’s know about those tricks.

  • Choose a Comfortable Bowling Ball

    Don’t choose a ball because someone is getting success with the same ball. Instead of it, you should pick a ball which is comfortable to you. You can test the ball by holding it with your hand. If you feel comfortable and you can move your fingers, then this is the right size for you. Also, be careful about the weight of the ball. Most of the bowls are 147 to 13 lbs. You can choose one from this range.

  • Wear Perfect Bowling Shoes

    If you want a good shot in every time, then it is necessary to select the right shoes for bowling. Bowling shoes are not like the regular shoes. They are comfortable and smooth. Also, look for the grip of the shoe which keep you stable in your standing position. If you need comfort with your shoes, then choose a pair which is half-sized bigger than your regular shoes.

  • Keep the Right Standing Position

    To be good at bowling, it is necessary to stand in the right position. If you are using the right hand for bowling, then keep the right leg on the front side and the opposite one in the backside. Keep a comfortable distance between two legs. It will give enough force to through the ball without any hassle. You can follow some professional players to ensure right posture.

  • Hit in the Right Place

    Make your aim before you are throwing the ball. Try to hit the front center pin and the next pin behind it for a perfect shot. Though it is not possible in first few times, with practices, you can make it better.

  • Practice

    Like any other game, practice is the main clue for success in bowling. Practice more and more in the bowling court. No matter if you became fail in first few times, after a certain time you will be just perfect in bowling.

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