How to Grill a Pizza


There are different delicious foods are available in the fast food shops. Pizza is one of the most popular fast food in the world. People love this item because of its enjoyable taste. However, if you are a pizza lover like me, then it’s hard to go in the restaurant each time you want to eat a pizza. Also, there are fewer chances to customize the flavor of the pizza. But when you are making your pizza at home, there is no problem at all. Also, they are healthy. Here I am going to share how you can grill a pizza at home.

Necessary Equipment To grill a Pizza

To grill a perfect pizza, you need some essential tools. They are-

  1. Brush
  2. Metal tongs
  3. Grill, gas or charcoal
  4. Metal spatula


  • Heat the Grill
    The first step is heating the grill for pizza. You should make it quite hot for better cooking. It can be around 600°F. If it is not possible then at least 500°F is necessary to grill the pizza.
  • Gather the Ingredients and Toppings
    You should set up a bench or a table near the grill for easy access to all items. A good grilled pizza is possible with the right organization and logistics. Also, keep all the necessary tools close to your hand. This will allow you to access anything without any hassle. Also, it saves your time and energy.
  • Prep Your Dough
    Before grilling the pizza, you need to prepare the dough for the pizza. It can be stretched or rolled out into a thin circle for a restaurant like pizza. Now, brush the dough with olive oil carefully. Brush on the side which you will lay down on the grill.
  • Grill One Side of the Pizza
    In this step, you will cook one side of the pizza. Keep the dough round on the grill and the olive oil side in the down. Cook the dough for at 3 minutes. 2 minute is also enough for it.
  • Top the Pizza
    This is the most crucial part of grilling a pizza. Organize the topping ingredients carefully on the dough. The look of the pizza depends on the topping. Also, only use the fresh ingredients to get the best taste of the pizza. Spread a thin layer of sauce and give enough cheese on the topping.

Cook the Pizza
If you have completed the topping, now it is the time to cook your pizza. Keep the lid and cook the whole thing for 3 to 5 minutes. When your pizza is ready, you will get a good smell. Then take the lid off and move the pizza to the cooler part.

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