Common Jewelry Mistakes Men Make

Jewelry Mistakes Men Make

All men should wear more jewelry. Whether it is a basic watch or a necklace or earring, jewelry can simply elevate an outfit and take it to different levels of style. Many men love to wear jewelry but have no idea how to go about it.

They feel uncomfortable because they think it is a girly thing. However, it is time to change the perspective because every man can wear jewelry and can wear it well. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid when wearing jewelry.

Having a lack of confidence

If you are going to wear jewelry, you need to be very confident when carrying it. Buy jewelry keeping your style and personality in mind. Gold chains for men can be easily carried with confidence and can be worn for any occasion. If you want to carry off jewelry in a classy and stylish manner, you need to be really confident about wearing it and ensure it enhances your personality.

Wearing it in the wrong place

It is important to consider the occasion or the place you are headed to before you wear jewelry. If you head to the office wearing a jewel-encrusted neckpiece around your neck, it will look a bit odd because everyone else will be in a tie. Similarly, if you are in a corporate job, you cannot wear diamond studs to work every day. Hence, if you want jewelry to look good, you need to consider the place, time and occasion before you put it on.

Too bling

A lot of men do not know how to style the jewelry and they end up piling it on. They wear three chains, six rings and have an ear full of studs. This is not going to improve your appearance and will never make you look stylish. You need to remember that when it comes to jewelry, less is always more. You need to invest in a couple of key pieces and wear a couple at any given point of time to look your best.

Not complimenting the skin tone

Your skin tone will have an impact on the way jewelry looks on you, hence it is worth doing some research into different stones and metals for your skin type. When you try a lot of different things, you will gain an insight into what suits you and what doesn’t. You need to ensure that the accessories only enhance your looks and do not detract from them.

Chunky Jewelry

A lot of men think that unless the jewelry is chunky, it will look feminine. However, this is not true. The style and design of men’s jewelry are always more masculine than women’s jewelry and even if it is delicate, it should fit the body shape fine. Do not opt for chunky pieces only to look more masculine, it could ruin the look.

Avoid these five mistakes when wearing jewelry and ensure that it accentuates your look and adds a charm to your personality.

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