Everything You Need to Know About The Air Hockey


It’s highly unlikely that someone hasn’t spotted an Air Hockey table in their local gaming arena. It’s a quality game to enjoy with your friends and family. Two players stand at opposite sides of the air hockey table and would try scoring points.

You need a puck and a goalie to push the puck around the table. The key component in Air Hockey is, of course, the table. It should be friction-less so that the puck could easily glide over the table.

How to Play Air Hockey

A coin toss determines which player gets to choose the side or the possession of the puck first. However, after every game possession is transferred over to the opponent.

Players would stand behind their goal box carrying a goalie in their hands to defend it. As soon as the puck crosses the center line, you’re eligible to hit it to your opponent’s side.

Ideally, you should have the goalie 8-12 inches away from the goal box. There are multiple offensive shots in Air Hockey including bank, double banked, angled and many others.

An important caution is not to allow your mallet to cross the center line as it’ll be considered as a fowl. Amateurs tend to strike the puck from their goal boxes towards the opponent.

It’s not a wise move as the puck needs to travel a long distance giving ample reaction time. You should experiment with various shots and get the hang of it before jumping into a proper match.

Few Rules of Air Hockey

Air Hockey game table surface, interior and outer part of the goal and the side barriers are all in-bound areas for play. In case, the puck hits any other surface it’s called Out of Play.

Also, if the puck jumps over the surface rail of the table and comes back later, still it’s considered Out of Play. A player gets a single point once the puck slides through the goal box completely into the container.

Shots in Air Hockey

A few of the offensive shots in Air Hockey include the cross straight and the bank. Each when executed strategically can win you a point on the table. Bank shots are farther categorized into under and over-bank shots.

Their utility differs in the situation you’re currently in. However, most people tend to prefer under bank shot. With practice, you’ll perfect your shots and can defeat your opponents with ease.

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