6 Tips To Give Your Living Room An Inexpensive Makeover

Living Room Inexpensive Makeover

A makeover for your living room can change the ambience of your place completely because this is one of the key areas of your home. But if you are one of the homeowners who look for periodic refresh, you would not want to spend a fortune every time. The best approach is to make it inexpensive with some smart home décor ideas that fit right into your budget. Here are some easy tips that you can try.

Simply rearrange

Giving your living room an instant makeover is as easy as rearranging the furniture pieces. Play with the lighter pieces like the center table, side tables and book shelves to start with. If you are still not happy with the refresh, move the sofas and couches as well. You will be surprised with an all new look for the place, all happening without even spending a penny.

Refresh the walls

Painting the living wall rooms is another way to give it a new look without toppling your budget. You can even choose to focus on one wall to get an impact without spending too much; choose a bright shade, texture or wall paper to give it an eye-catching effect. Put up some nice pictures or family photos and you have a new look ready!

Don’t forget the floor

Besides redoing the walls, you may also try playing with the floor. Of course, getting a new flooring every now and then would not be feasible but what about throwing a new rug as an alternative? You can look for contemporary designs or check http://www.samad.com/ for handcrafted traditional ones. Find rugs that match your taste and add warmth to the room.


It would be a great idea to accessorize your living room and you can do it well enough with some mix and match accessories. There are plenty of pieces that you can play with- cushions, curtains, table mats, lamp shades and rugs. Don’t forget to color coordinate them and you can even have contrasting tones. For example, if the décor is all in light, brighten up the room with vibrant accessories.

Go green

Another good way to experiment with your living room’s look is by making it green. Buy some indoor plants and place them inside your living room to give it a cool and soothing look. Better still, use multi-colored pots for the plants and make the ambience fresh and vibrant. Not only will these be eye-pleasing but will also freshen up the indoor air.

Cut the clutter

Beyond any makeover ideas, the best way to give any space a refresh is to simply clear the clutter. Reassess the room once in a while and remove all that appears to crowd it and has no utility. This will lighten the place instantly and give it a new appearance without much work and any expenditure.

Refreshing the living area can be really simple and cost-effective if you try to be creative. Plus, you need not hire a designer every time and some smart DIY is enough to do a perfect job!

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