Choosing Nail Color with Your Fashion Outfit


Nail polish and a fashionable outfit is a marriage between two equals. Nail polish is often thought of as a supporting player to a chic outfit. This is a mistaken notion. Nail polish can either make an outfit pop or fizzle. As a consequence, the importance of selecting a nail shade or pattern that contrasts superbly with an outfit should not be underestimated.

After all, only the top echelon of fashionistas have an elite manicurist on speed dial ready with the perfect nail shade or multi-shade patterns when they beckon. Don’t despair there are some basic tips you can follow that will ensure that your outfit and your nails create magic together.

Choose nail shades, if your clothing preference is for traditional and classic attire, based on how easily the shades match with garments in your existing wardrobe. Neutral-colored polish, sheer pink polish or a French manicure may be your preferred nail style simply because it can be a painful process to consistently change your nail polish to match your outfit.

Consider, however, adding unexpected nail polish colors to your style repertoire. Classic garments such as sheath dresses, pencil skirts and button-up blouses in neutral or monochromatic shades such as gray, black, white and beige can be ramped up with the addition of bold complementary nail shades. Gray outfits look spectacular with hot pink and purple nail polish. Black garments look exceptional with red and gold nail polish and white clothing shines when paired with blue and orange nail polish.

Are you a trendsetter? If so, you are probably an ardent admirer of nail artistry. Because you are a fashion risk-taker you may be drawn to multiple colors, prints or patterns that will spotlight your nails. The current nail trends align perfectly with your fashion preferences which may range from graphic print garments to spiked footwear. Your love of fashion-forward clothing correlates perfectly with the current trend of creating unique nail art. Whether you do it yourself or go to your favorite manicurist your nails make a statement just like your clothing.

The nail colors of choice for you may include, yellow, black and metallic shades. I salute you for consistently selecting nail shades that perfectly accent your statement-making outfits. Do you think plaid is rad? Then try pairing your red plaid skirt or t-shirt with black polish and rock on fashion goddess. Do you love the head to toe denim look that is still popular? Saturate your nails in an orange shade and step out in style. Orange adds the perfect amount of spice to a blue denim outfit.

Purchasing nail polish is similar to purchasing a pair of shoes or a handbag. Generally, you know what you want when you see it. This often results in your purchase of nail polish that was not on your wish list but which could not be resisted once you were smitten. Be fearless and stylish with your clothing and your nail color preferences. By following this formula, you will nail it!


  • Black nail polish is dramatic but can overwhelm an outfit. It is recommended if you prefer black nail polish, that you keep the length of your nails no more than mid-length so that the shade can accent your outfit; not overshadow it.
  • If you love red nail polish on others but believe it to be too bold for you, a berry shade such as burgundy or wine is a great alternative. In addition, berry shades match well with gray and neutral-colored garments.
  • Metallic shades add sizzle to an outfit but are cautious when pairing them with metallic garments. Metallic nail polish worn with a head to toe metallic outfit can be overpowering. Nail polish with a matte finish may better suit your needs.
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