ParaDon Books Publishing is Recruiting Graphic Designers


Good news graphic designers! The hassle and struggles encountered designing simple projects are now over. You must admit how tedious and difficult it could be getting that perfect design that satisfies your client’s hunger.

You spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect image, pattern, typography, animation to show your expertise, but to no avail. Worry no more, ParaDon Books Publishing has provided a network for graphics designers to experiment and work for their publishing company.

Are you a book cover designer or any cover-art artist? ParaDon Books cover maker makes book covers fascinatingly simply to design even for non designers.

Whether you are taking your first step in graphic design, or you are a professional looking to upgrade and expand your existing creativity, ParaDon Books could provide you the public venue to showcase your book-cover-art mastery to millions of readers.

Remember, being a good designer isn’t about having the latest hardware and software. Ideas and flexible designing platform are far more important than shiny equipment. ParaDon Books simple and easy to use illustrator allows designers to handle demanding tasks in one or two takes, such as logo designing and banner configurations. is recruiting book-cover-art designers to join their establishment and design book covers arts as their authors desire them to be. Everyone are welcome to register and start experimenting with the designing platform provided at;

Our survey team spoke with graphic designers who work with small businesses, and almost all of them agreed that they try to outdo their competitors every time by trying to make their graphics more professional and eye-catchy.

This was the idea and inspiration behind ParaDon Books and their Graphic Designing Platform, which allows any user to design and access the assets (their designs) swiftly and regularly.

ParaDon Books Publishing designing network even will allow users to choose from thousands of already made layouts that are editable, making it easier than imagined to create a fantastic book cover, logo designs, and advertising banners.

Sample Designers Dashboard on ParaDon Books

Here is a tip of an iceberg of the ParaDon Books Designer’s Interface;

  • Users Ability To Create And Modify Images And Designs

Designer’s waste so much time making constant dimensional changes needed to customize a design to suit the various formats. ParaDon Books designing platform is tailored to allow you make these changes instantly, without the hassle for manual alternatives.

  • Users Can Embed And Share Their Images

That’s right. Users can easily export and convert their creations to, and as PDF, JPG or PNG formats. Users can also publish their designs to their social media networks and embed it on their own webpages.

  • Users Can Download And Save Their Graphics

ParaDon Books designing platform also allow users to edit, save, and download their designs at any time. Design dimension and pixel are kept and maintained.

What are you waiting for? Create an account at, and experience a touch of class and a super quality graphic design.


ParaDon Books is super easy to use, you can make a professional graphics in 5 minutes, Max!


The graphic interface is user friendly. It’s a great tool to use. You will not waste time creating your own Author’s Branding.

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