6 Top Places to Visit in Rome

Places to Visit in Rome

Rome – a city that dazzles away with its beauty and splendor. Visiting Rome should be on the bucket list of everyone as the city has a rich and glorious ancient heritage.

If you are visiting Rome for first time, you will certainly get overwhelmed by the magnificent sites enriched in history and art. Therefore it’s important that you plan your visit to Rome wisely to see maximum famous sites.

  1. Baths of Caracalla

Built by Emperor Caracalla in the third century, Baths of Caracalla are considered the second largest baths in the world. These baths were built because of political propaganda purposes so the popularity of the emperor amongst the people would increase.

The baths have great historical significance as they were functional for more than 300 years. Natural calamities coupled with sheer negligence resulted in the baths to turn into ruins. Nonetheless, the size and elegance of the site attracts people from around the globe.

  1. Vatican Museums

Emerged during 16th Century by Pope Julius II, Vatican Museums encompass various world’s most popular and important relics.  Exquisite Sistine Chapel, Spiral Staircase and Raphael Rooms are the main attraction within the museum.

Michelangelo’s prized possessions and artifacts such as The Last Judgment and ceiling always keep the audience in awe. Visiting Vatican will take you deep within history and give you an insight into historical art.

  1. Pantheon

Built-in 126 AD as a temple for the service of Roman gods, Pantheon is one of the highly regarded and prized buildings within Rome. In service to the Roman Catholic Church since the 7th century, Pantheon has world’s largest unreinforced concrete domes.

Marcus Agrippa is believed to be the creator of the temple for his private use. However, Emperor Hadrian rebuilt the temple in the 2nd century as it stands today.

  1. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica Church is the center of Roman Christianity and is one of the most visited tourist attraction. Standing tall with an interior height of 120 meters, the Church stands firm where the first Pope Peter was burned and crucified. It’s a true manifestation of art through the beauty of the design of this magnificent architecture.

  1. Ostia Antica

An important part of Roman Empire, Ostia Antica is located at the mouth of River Tiber 20 miles away from Rome. The site is preserved and has buildings that even date back to fourth century BC. The mosaics and frescoes on these old buildings reflect onto the genius of Roman people and their skills.

Quite surprisingly, you’ll find the bathrooms quite amusing as they look more like a social setting rather than a private place.

  1. Colosseum

Constructed by Emperor Vespasian and his son Titus in 80 AD, Colosseum is quite popular amongst tourists. People used to gather in this amphitheater to watch gladiators fight, witness public punishments and enjoy different forms of entertainment.

The theatre could hold up to 50000 people and is considered the Romans most fascinating engineering feats. If you visit Rome and go without visiting Colosseum, you won’t be forgiven by your family and friends.

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