How to Prepare Matcha Step By Step Process


It is known to all that tea ha so many health benefits. There are different styles of tea drank by people around the world. One of the most beneficial tea styles is the Matcha. If you visit a tea store with verities of tea, you will find this format for sure. It has several benefits for human body. If you want to make a matcha at your home, here I am sharing the full process.By following the process, anyone will be able to make their favorite matcha without any hassle.

Step 1

The first step is preparing the matcha tea leaves to mix with water. For it, take a matcha measuring scoop and take 1½ scoop of matcha powder. If you don’t have a scoop for matcha tea, no problem. You can use a regular teaspoon too. Measure 1½ teaspoon or 2 grams powder and then keep the powder in a shifter. Keep a bowl under the shifter. This shifter will break the clumps and give you a smooth matcha in the end which helps to make the tea tastier.

Step 2

Now it is time to add the powder with water. Specialists suggest using water with 165 to 18 degree Fahrenheit or 80 degree Celsius temperature. This particular temperature brings out the full flavor from the powder. Okay, now you need to add 60 milliliters or 2 ounces warm water with the powder. But don’t do this task in a hurry. Rather, you should pour the water gradually into the matcha bowl.

If you add the water slowly, it helps to prevent the matcha from clumping. So, your tea becomes smooth. If you want to take a hot tea, then pre-heat the teacup. Once you have added water with the matcha powder, not it is time to mix the powder carefully with water. For this task, you can use a chasen.

Move the chasen in a zigzag motion so that no grounds remain in the water. If you don’t recognize what a chasen is, let me clear it. Chasen is a delicate, bamboo whisk. This specially made to prepare matcha tea. Metal fork spoils the rich aroma. So, chasen is the best option to get the authentic taste.

Step 3

Pour the Tea Into A Tea Cup. Now pour the tea carefully from the matcha bowl to the teacup and drink it immediately to get the best taste of a useful matcha tea.

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