How to Properly Lock Your Bicycle

Properly Lock Bicycle

As we lately revealed, bike robbery is widespread in United States places. If you use your bike, there is always an opportunity it will be thieved. After all, it has some useful financial value and it remains unwatched on the roads. That makes your bike a welcoming focus on for a legal.

The only type of protection against bike criminals is your bike lock. If you are going to use your bike and get out on the roads, you should lock it in a proper way. Or else, it will be thieved. If you lock it, but not the right way, it will be thieved. If you lock it the right way, even still, it could be thieved, but at least you tried your best.

Therefore, here we will guide you how to lock your bike. First, you will make your mind to lock our bike that you should keep under consideration. After that, we will recommend to you the “optimal” bike-locking manner in which you can adhere to or personalize to your protection needs.

How to Lock Your Bike the Right Way

The technique tailored from the Sheldon Brownish bike locking technique. The delayed Sheldon Brownish was a power on nearly all things biking relevant, and we are fortunate that he is remaining us a corpus of his information on this site.

The main element in this tactic is a small u-lock. This unlock goes through the back wheel (inside the back triangular of the frame), locking the bike to something strong.

The attractiveness of this strategy is it hair the back wheel and the frame, even though you are not officially not even locking the frame! It happens, according to Sheldon, it is hard to take the frame away from the wheel when the lock is placed in the triangular of the bike frame.

Is there a weak point in locking the bike in this way?

You could cut back wheel to take out the bike. In an exercise, Sheldon claims, this does not occur because cutting the wheel is tough to do and you would be damaging a very useful section of the bike. If you are concerned this matter, you could use a little bit bigger u-lock that can go through the back wheel and section of the frame.

The second thing about this tactic is to secure the top side wheel via wire look, skewer. This is to make sure your front side wheel is the lock. Front wheels are not that costly, so it is unlikely a robber will start tools only to grab a front side wheel.

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