Reasons to visit Lithuania

Reasons to visit Lithuania

So, you’re planning your trip and confused whether you should go to Lithuania or not? Here we will list some reasons why you should consider going to Lithuania for a trip.

  • The center of Europe

Lithuania is geographically located at the center of Europe being accessible from many parts of the continent.

Taking taxis and buses from Kaunas airport to Vilnius is cheap and readily available at all times as well.

  • The country is affordable and cheap!

What most people don’t know of Lithuania is how cheap the country is. The capital, Vilnius, regularly ranks as the cheapest city breaks in Europe. Taxis from Kaunas to Vilnius can cost 80-100€

  • It’s a film set

Lithuania has been making films for years now, and even BBC has made their recent film on war and peace

  • Hill of crosses and hill of witches

A hill in the city of Siauliai dedicated to statues of Virgin Mary and over 100,000 crosses is scary and exciting enough to visit. If the hill of statues does not make you want to come, there is a hill of witches waiting for you as well. This hill contains witches from folktales and traditions.

  • Huge scale sand dunes

A natural wonder for which people travel all around the world to experience is located right in the heart of Europe, in Lithuania.

These are as high as 60 meters and cover an area of 61miles.

  • Highspeed internet

The Internet has now become a necessity and believe it or not, Lithuania has one of the best internet connections in the world having the most fiber-optic capacity in all of Europe.

  • A rich history

Lithuania is a country with a rich history and traditions. It used to be the biggest country in Europe and had acquired parts of Russia, Poland, Ukraine, etc.

  • Quality education

The country has world-class universities which were built in the 14th century.

  • National parks

The Republic of Lithuania has many national parks which are home to many animals and forests. The ancient heritages, rivers, streams, and lakes add to the beauty of the park and country and is a major attraction to the tourists.

  • Statues and monuments

Since the country had been occupied by Nazi’s and the Soviets in the 20th century, there are various monuments and statues built by them for their remembrance.

  • Ancient museums

Since the country itself has a rich history, it contains museums with a long history dating back to 14th century. There are many exhibitions which attract the tourists as well.

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