Is Rosemary Toxic to Cats


Cats are sensitive to the food. If you give something wrong, they may fall into serious illness. There are different plants which you can use for your cats. Many of the cat owners have asked me several times about the rosemary plants. Rosemary plants have different ingredients in it. Pet specialists explained this plant as both useful and harmful. Though there are some positive sides of the plant, there are good chances that your cat is not going to love it. Rosemary is a perennial tree in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10. Leaves of this herb are stiff and have a strong odor. So, most of the pet animals don’t like this plant at all. If you want to give some plants to your cat, then you can use other plants like lavender.

What is the Toxicity of Rosemary?

Though some people think there is a toxicity in this plant, it is not true at all. Though they have a strong odor, there are no harmful ingredients in it. Also, this plant is not listed on the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animal’s lists of toxic plants for cats or dogs. So, it is not considered toxic to any pets like cats. Though there is no toxicity in this plant, most of the pet specialists don’t recommend this facility for cats. They contain a good amount of volatile oils; This can cause stomach problems or depression by reacting in the nervous system. But the oil can be an excellent ointment for aromatherapy. But it should not be taken internally by any pets like cats to avoid the health issues.

So, Should You Give this To Your Cat?

As I have mentioned earlier that they have a strong odor, so your cat or dog will not be interested in providing a second bite to it. However, in some conditions, the cat may show its interest in this plant. In that case, you should try this thing a few times and then avoid it. Because if the cat falls into illness, it will be difficult for you to cure.

What kind of Plants Should You Give to Your Cat?

Well, without the rosemary plants, there are also some other herbs which may help your cat to gain good health. There are some common herbs that can be given to your cat without any tension are Catnip, Cat Thyme, Valerian, Licorice Root, Goldenseal, etc.

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