8 Steps To Apply Eye Make Up


Be it for the office, an evening party, a get-together, or simply a casual outing; which girl does not want beautiful eyes all the time? It is aptly said that eyes speak up for a person’s character. And so it becomes all the more important to have beautiful eyes. Doesn’t it?

The secret to great looking eyes does not necessarily lie in the way you put on your makeup, but it surely enhances the beauty of your eyes. We will help you make your eyes look glamorous in just eight simple and fast techniques which will adjust to any occasion that you have to attend. We bring to you eight steps to do eye makeup. All you have to do is collect the required items for an eye makeup and start performing as we suggest. So gather up girls!

Dab on a concealer

Choose a concealer wisely. Always pick one that is a shade lighter than the actual shade of your skin. This will help as taking it will hide the blemishes without portraying that you have made an effort to hide your blemishes. Applying three tiny marks of concealer are more than sufficient. Dab the concealer with your ring finger till the concealer blends completely with your skin.

Eyeshadow primer

The next step is to apply an eyeshadow primer. Doing so is quite a substantial part of your eye makeup, as it will allow your makeup to stay intact for hours. If you do not apply it, your makeup may start giving an ugly look, rather than a glamorous look. It will inhibit your makeup from giving that greasy look.

Apply eyeliner

You can avail an eye pencil or a liquid liner for this purpose according to your convenience. But using an eyeshadow as eyeliner is not only easier to use, but also gives you great looking eyes. Wet a brush with a dark coloured eyeshadow. Use it to first line your upper eyelashes and later you can proceed to line the bottom of your eyes as well. For lining the bottom eyes, the direction of applying the liner should be from the middle towards the outer edge of your eye. If you intend to have smoky eyes, then you can smudge the liner with your with your finger or a cotton bud.


Start applying a neutral shade from your eyelids towards the direction of your brow. You can experiment with darker colours above the neutral shade, but make sure that they fuse well together, they should not look clumsy. You are at liberty to play with the art of blending colours.

Highlight your eyes

Use a light coloured eyeshadow near your tear ducts so that the inner part of your eye is not left undone.

Highlighting your eyebrows

If you have lightly shaded eyebrows, then use a highlighter with your finger to make it darker. Don’t forget to smudge it.

Eyelash curler

Applying eyelash curler will make your eyes look all the more admirable, as it enhances the long look of your eyelashes. You can use both an eyelash clamp or eyelash thickener for this purpose.

A finishing touch with mascara

Apply two to three coats of mascara in a back and forth manner to both your upper and lower eyelids.

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