How To Style The Perfect Earrings For Your Face


We all love to jazz up our outfits with the right kind of accessories. Most of us chose them according to our outfits, style material and color. Earrings form an essential accessory for women all over the world. Sometimes they are big and sometimes they are a single stud. But we like our earrings as they add finishing touch to any outfit.

Shopping for earrings is not that difficult, most of the time we match them according to the outfit. But this tactic is not smart. We must choose any pair of earrings according to the face shape. One we know how to style the perfect earrings for our face we can accentuate the natural features with elegant earrings.

All the lovely ladies, you can benefit greatly if you know how to style the perfect earrings for your face. All you need to do is keep in mind the basic shape of your face. The right pair of dazzling accessory can work wonder if styled according to your face shape, if not they would lie unused in your jewelry case. Let us first look at different styles of earrings.


A teardrop earring is shaped like a dewdrop or a teardrop. They are generally made from solid gold or silver. Designed to dangle below the earlobe thus teardrop earrings are also popularly known as danglers. The top is light whereas the bottom of the earring is shaped like a droplet.


The classic single diamond stud is usually small in size. They are very traditional and adds class to the outfit. They sit comfortably on to earlobe. Pearl and other gemstones are gaining popularity as studs.


As the name suggests, chandelier earrings designs have an amalgamation of studs and teardrop earrings. They have a decorative stud that sits on the earlobe and the rest of the earring dangle below.


Hoops are pieces of metal or plastic that run from the front to the back of the lobe. The radius and circumferences may vary and should be chosen according to the face shape.


Cluster earrings are a bit elaborated than studs. They sit on earlobe but might extend beyond the bottom of the earlobe.

Most of us are aware of the shape of our face, whatever style of earrings we choose; make sure that it should not be of the same shape as your face.


Women with an oval shaped face would look great in any style of earrings. But to go for a dazzling look, choose oval shaped dangles. It draws attention to the elegant shape of the face. Teardrops look amazing on an oval-shaped face.


Women who have a long face need to focus on elongate their face. You need to choose earrings that will help make your face look longer. Dangles and teardrop earrings are best for you. Choose a design that have long, angular curves rather than round design.


While choosing earrings for a heart-shaped face, you must choose a piece with elongated lines and curves. These shapes help in balancing the features and will help in drawing attention to cheekbones and eyes. Chandelier earrings in diamond shapes add the much-needed contrast to the shape of the face.


Earrings with rounded designs suit a square shaped face as it softens the cheekbones and jawline. Hoops are ideal for a square shaped face. Even long dangling pieces will look great on a square face.

Buying earrings are largely your own choice and personal style. You must choose an accessory that highlights your best feature. Try as many pairs of earrings before you settle for one. Let them be your style statement and not let the earrings define you. Infuse personal style by styling the perfect earrings for your face.

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