Surprising ingredient you should be adding to eggs


Runny? Scrambled? Sunny side up? How do you like your eggs? Well, for starters, we all love having eggs in breakfast and in other meals as well, but usually breakfast. We love eggs for their trait of getting cooked easily, quickly, and oh so deliciously. For the life of us, we feel empty and unmotivated for the day if we don’t consume enough eggs in breakfast.

Other than being delicious and all that jazz, eggs provide great nutritional value in terms of iron, substantial number of calories, and necessary calcium.However, be sure to not consume a lot of eggs, a little too much of anything is always harmful. But, it comes down to this, how can we kick it up a notch? How can make our breakfast worth the effort of making it? Well, here we tell you the secret ingredient you should be adding to your eggs to make it a little more worth it.

Salt. Something we use to add just a controlled amount of tanginess and zing with flavor to our eggs. But, have you ever thought that there are variety of salts available? Well, here we are mentioning a slight technique. Instead of using kosher salt to bind your eggs and add flavor to it, try using some soy sauce. Crack open a few eggs and just before you want to get started on your omelet batch, just give it splash of soy sauce. Where this may sink to the bottom, continuous whisking and mixingmakes it get to every part in the batch. This makes all of the saltiness and tanginess get dispersed equally and substantially throughout. For people who follow gluten-free eggs, they can replace soy sauce with tamari. To end it all, add a little amount of butter to enhance the flavors and looks of the eggs.

This technique was first seen in a popular TV show, Top Chef, by a contestant who was cooking a breakfast. Other than using soy sauce, the contestant also used mirin and sesame oil. Food is all about experimenting. With new flavors and new combinations, you can create different variety of foods. Some can become masterpieces and some…well, not so much. However, this shouldn’t be the means for your imaginations to stop. Experiment with different citrus fruits and combining eggs with different styles of bread and meat to make your breakfast and meals stand out.

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