How to Take Care of Cows


You have purchased your first cattle which is a cow; then there are different things you should know about the proper care of it. Before you buy the cow, make living space for it and an open area where it can move around. Also, you need some areas where you can grow grass on it. However, when you have bought the cow at home, there are some essential steps which you need to follow. Here I will share some of the important ways to take care of cows.

1. Feed In Schedule

The most important part of caring a cow is feeding it the right food. The best fed is fresh grass. If you have a field with green grasses, keep the cow there so that it can take enough grass for it. You need to provide plenty of pasture to the cow. You also mix some grain with grass which will keep it healthy. A balanced diet is a must for your cows. With grasses and grains, also give it enough water. Always keep water and mineral for the cow. Mineral in the form of loose mineral with salt or a salt block is also necessary. However, you should maintain a schedule of the food so that it gets enough nutrition.

2. Check them Regularly

With giving enough food and water, you also need to check the progress regularly. After every 15 days, take the weight of the cows to ensure they are growing properly. Keep a record of their health progress so that you can identify which cow needed more care. If one of your cows is not growing up with time, you should consult with the vet. Also, look for if there is any symbol of illness. Don’t be late when a cow is not interested in taking foods. If there is any significant illness in a cow, keep it separate to keep other cows’ safe.

3. Arrange Enough Light And Air

It is fine if you can manage the natural air and light for the wow. But, if not possible, include lights and fans to the living space of your cows. Ensuring their growth is necessary. Keep the cows safe from mosquito and other insects.

4. Keep Safe them From Injury

Keep your cows’ safe from any injuries. For this, you should maintain strong and secure fence for the living space. Check the living area of them if there is something which can cause significant injury to them.

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