Top Things To Do In Nyungwe Forest National Park


Africa has been one of the greatest tourist attractions for the last couple of years owing to the natural landscapes that it offers to the visitors. The rustic and pristine forests in this continent have been the dominant force that attracts visitors towards this part of the world.

Filled with the stunning beauty and the remarkable wildlife, Nyungwe Forest National park has been one of the most visited areas in Africa. It is situated in the southwestern part of the Rwanda where it offers memorable wildlife experiences.

A visit to this place includes the visit to the natural forest which is comprised of ancient trees, swamps, blogs and grasslands which are well suited to the various wildlife and birdlife. For those who have been to Nyungwe, this forest is one of the natural wonders of the Rwanda which has progressed into a leading tourist attraction.

Rwanda is most famous for Volcanoes national park for gorilla tracking, but the tour to this Nyungwe forest national park is one of the fantastic trips that man will remember for life. It shares borders with Burundi in the south while the Congo Republic lies in the west of the national park. Here we discuss some activities that you shouldn’t miss while in Nyungwe.

  1. Chimpanzee tracking

Providing habitat to the largest chimpanzee population, chimpanzee tracking is one of the major tourist attention at Nyungwe. On the actual day of tracking, the travellers have to reach a particular starting point where they are given ample instruction about the dos and donts of the tracking.

Upon meeting the chimpanzees, people will get to see the human-like character of the chimpanzee, and they love to spend time with these animals. However, travellers are instructed to stay away from animals to avoid bringing any damage to them.

  1. Hiking

The hiking trail is one of the best ways to explore the beauty of Nyungwe forest national park. It has over 13 hiking trails which lead the travellers deep into the forests. Each trail leads to different points such waterfall caves, swamps and every trail has different scenes to offer to the visitors.

  1. Canopy walk

The canopy walk is 200 meters walk above the forest and is only done in Nyungwe forest national park among all other national forests of Africa. It is built trail which hangs 60 meters above the forest which offers the beautiful view.

  1. Birds watching spree

There is birds gallery area as well where travellers get to meet and see the variety of birds in the wildlife.

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