Top 6 Things To Do Near San Jose

Things To Do Near San Jose

Exhausted from the same repetitive daily routine? Looking for a relaxing week with your family or friends? Plan a weekend to Silicon Valley’s vibrant city San Jose. The city has ecstatic neighborhoods, elegant restaurants, historical museums and much more.

San Jose will provide you with a quality excursion experience that you can certainly cherish. Top 6 things that we recommend you do on your visit to San Jose are listed below.

Municipal Rose Garden

If you are a nature enthusiast, you will love Municipal Rose Garden as it has over 4000 roses in it. Established in 1927, the garden still smells refreshing and is certainly the best place to relax. The garden has over 189 varieties with new additions in terms of hybrids happening every single day.

The garden is a prized location for marriages and wedding photography. Friends of San Jose Rose Garden is a volunteer organization that helps in the sustenance and preservation of the garden. The organization ensures that the garden is well-maintained and get the necessary attention it deserves.

San Jose Museum of Art

West Coast artists of 20th and 21st century display their pieces and artwork in San Jose Museum of Art. Over 2000 works from photography, sculpting, paintings and other give the museum a unique outlook. The building was originally built as the post office and later was converted into city’s library.

Designated as California Historical Landmark, the museum has attained massive reputation amongst the public. If you love art then be sure to visit San Jose Museum definitely.

San Pedro Square Market

San Pedro Square Market is a lively place filled with excitement throughout the day. Live music playing along with fresh farm food makes the ambience fun. From Oysters to organic meat, from cheese to different sort of herbs and sauces, the market will cater to your all kinds of stomach needs.

Don’t forget to taste the different kinds of wines as they will surely dazzle you away. San Pedro encourages indulgence in food without guilt.

Willow Glen

Known for its tree-lined streets along with restaurants and fancy architecture, walking through Willow Glen is quite a pleasant experience. The sidewalk cafes, special boutiques and vintage shops paint a scene of a small town of that area.

You will be introduced to different architectural styles including Mission, Victorian, and Neoclassical etc. If you are lucky, you will catch an event at Willow Glen and enjoy the atmosphere to its fullest.

Children’s Discovery Museum

Children’s Discovery Museum instills creativity and curiosity within the young generation by displaying various exhibits. If you want your children to have fun whilst learning new things, visiting Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose is the right choice.

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo

The 16-acre park and zoo re-opened in 2010 after renovation. A petting zoo, children’s play area, fun rides and puppet theatre are some of the attractions of this place. Children can learn about various animals through hands-on interactive exhibits. You can buy different clothes, games and other stuff from the zoo for your kids or as gifts for friends.

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