5 Tips for Visiting Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has the about half of the world’s population of gorillas. This ancient jungle of Uganda is home to largest species of plants and distinct birds that make this place so unique. As luring as it may seem, the trekking in Bwindi Park is not a piece of cake.

You will be tested mentally and physically, so you have to prepare yourself for it. Fortunately, we have some tips for you if you decide to visit the Bwindi National Park.

  1. Know what you are getting into

Gorilla trekking is a unique and marvelous experience for enthusiasts, but if you are not one of those, then you may get bored or lose interest in it.

There is a total of 12 gorilla families living in the community, and at a time, not more than eight people are allowed to track a given family. It is done to ensure safety and other health concerns. For unfit people, special reservations are also provided at Bwindi National Park.

  1. Know the budget, accommodation, and lodging

Develop a complete budget sheet, catering for all the costs that you will have to pay. The ticket to Uganda, the reservation cost, the trekking cost, accommodation expenditure, cost of equipment and tools, cafés, restaurants, and other personal needs should be considered while deciding to go on the safari.

  1. Know the right time for gorilla trekking

Although the Bwindi National Park is open for trekking throughout the year but sometimes of the season offer the best experience.

It is during the dry and sunny days that you can conveniently track the gorillas, as the paths are clear and dry, and the visibility is also very good. Mostly from June to October and December to February are the best times of the year for trekking in Uganda.

  1. Know all the equipment or refreshments needed

First of all, follow all the safety precautions. Wear a hat, rubber shoes of long length, and gloves are a must. You will need a stick for trekking. Other equipment that you may need is a camera, insect repellents, and waterproof bag pack.

The refreshments that you will need are water supplies and snacks like protein bars etc. You also need to have a raincoat and additional clothing for rainy or cold weather conditions.

  1. Know the community

They are some communities living in the forest and some forest treks too. It is not advised to wander on your own to areas that are not recommended for you. If you want to do then take a guide with you. In some areas, an armed professional may accompany you.

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