7 Stylish Ways to Use Your Scarf


Whoever said that scarves are for winters, must not have tried the various creative uses of a scarf? A vintage scarf doesn’t look good just around your neck but can work wonders in places, you could not even imagine. Don’t send your scarf collection in hibernation just yet!

All scarf lovers dread the summer season as it is hot and sticky and you don’t want another botheration hanging around your neck. The lightweight accessory just got a trendy makeover and not just around your neck. Don’t pack away your collection of scarves, rather read these ways to use your scarf.

Purse Accessory

One of my favorite uses of a scarf is to tie it on my handbag or purse. It gives a distinctive look to the purse as well as a personal touch. It can even match your outfit to look make your entire look trendier. And the best part is that it can be used as a headscarf immediately in case of rain.

Wall Art

Jazz up your walls by adding a personal touch. Just get your colorful scarf framed and add color to your room instantly. If you keep on moving a lot, you can carry your room décor with you all the time.


Yes, a curtain! Hang some of your curtains over a twine to give your window a whimsical look. Very chic, hip. You can even change the order of the scarves to give a different look to the window every time.

Hair Tie

Running out of hair ties, grab a scarf and tie your hair in various hairdos.

Low Bun– tie your hair in a bun close to your nape and wrap it with the scarf that compliments your outfit

Head Wrap– the ever charming headband that is both functional as well as stylish. Tie a knot above your head just like a bandana.

High Bun– make a high bun and wrap around a scarf to jazz it up.

Wrapping Paper

Add a personal touch to the art of gifting. Wrap the gift in a scarf to give it a vintage look and it also speaks a lot about the way you feel about the person to whom you are gifting. Just wrap the gift like a sub sandwich and fasten it with a pretty strong and the gift is ready! It’s like two gifts in one.


A scarf as a belt looks great. Just run it through the loops of your jeans and you don’t need a belt. It looks stylish and very breezy. It’s a great way to add a feminine touch to trousers or adding oomph to your slip dress.


Just like a necklace, you can show off your scarf collection in various knots and ways. It is great way to display the beauty of scarf and accessories at the same time

There are no rules for using a scarf, be innovative and inspire yourself. Be fashionable and keep inventing your look. Play around with the scarf to find creative ways to use your scarf. If you like to add some creative ways for scarves, leave a comment.

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